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Whether it's spiders, bedbugs, carpenter ants, wasps or other insect or rodent problems, Pest Management Services offers unique control
and prevention strategies that are environmentally safe and effective. 

residential pest control spray
pest control in st.catharines
Commercial and Industrial Control

We provide excellent preventive & clean out services for commercial and industrial locations with monthly inspection & preventive service contracts. Nothing is more detrimental to workplace morale than an infestation of insects or rodents.

Home Owners Service

Courteous well-trained professionals (we send two technicians to each service) are respectful of the homeowner’s property. At the conclusion of the service (usually about 1 -2 hours) we provide a detailed assessment of the infestation & schedule a follow up service to ensure control.

Property Management & Condominiums

PMS provides year round service contracts that can save condo owners thousands of dollars annually for exterior control of insects & rodents. We also provide discounts for pre-paid service & reduce service fees substantially for interior condo service. 

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