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bedbug infestation control pest control in st.catharines


Pest Management Services Inc. is the top choice for bed bug inspection and extermination service in the Niagara Peninsula, Hamilton & Burlington areas.


Pest Management Service Inc. is skilled and experienced in dealing with bed bug infestations, professional bed bug inspections and permanent bed bug removal. Our skilled technicians are continually trained on all of the latest and most effective methods in bed bug inspections, treatment and removal. Pest Management Services Inc. specializes in locating bed bugs within your home and exterminating them. We will make sure your home is free from the presence of bed bugs.


Bed Bug Inspection Checklist

Our skilled technicians are experienced in performing professional bed bug inspections. Bed bugs are small insects that resemble the shape and color of an apple seed, which makes it extremely easy for them to hide within your home. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding during the day in areas like furniture cushions, bed sheets and the creases of your mattresses. They wait patiently throughout the day in these specific hiding areas, and come out at night while you are sleeping peacefully in your bed. Bed bugs will then come out of their hiding places to feed on the blood of you, your family and even your pets. Pest Management Services Inc. is familiar with all of the hiding places that bed bugs use during the day and will locate and eliminate the bed bugs within your home.

The best way to keep your home from becoming infested by bed bugs is to have it inspected to determine the need for service. A professional bed bug inspection will determine if bed bugs are present. If our pest technicians do locate them, you can be sure that every area of your home will be treated thoroughly. Pest Management Services Inc. uses the most effective and proven methods to remove bed bugs from your home. Overhead inspection is free if it is determined that bed bugs are present.


Bed Bug Removal

A bed bug infestation can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Special tools and methods are required to successfully remove bed bugs from your home and prevent them from returning. Our technicians are familiar with the signs that bed bugs leave, such as blood spots on your sheets, rust colored spots on your mattress and empty skin shells on the bed and floor. If you suspect that you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs call us immediately to have the bed bugs in your home destroyed.

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